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Nuxe Sun Tanning Oil for Face and Body High Protection SPF 30
Nuxe Sun

Nuxe Sun Tanning Oil for Face and Body High Protection SPF 30



This tanning oil with Sun and Water Flowers protects cells from ageing and helps you achieve a perfect tan. Its non-greasy feel and alcohol-free formula nourishes skin for a silky-smooth finish. A bewitching fragrance with notes of Sweet Orange, Tahitian Gardenia and Vanilla.
How to use
Apply liberally before sun exposure. Reapply frequently,  especially after swimming or towel-drying the skin. Applying an insufficient  amount of product will significantly reduce the level of sun protection.  Warning: excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous. Avoid exposure in  the middle of the day. A suncare product does not provide 100% protection.  Do not spray directly onto the face.  Water-resistant.
150 ML
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