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Bertha's Revenge Milk Gin
Bertha's Revenge

Bertha's Revenge Milk Gin



Bertha, a legendary Droimmeann cow from Sneem in Co. Kerry died in 1993. At 48 years of age she was the worlds oldest cow, giving birth tosome 39calves in here lifetime. To immortalise her memory, we have  brought her back in spirit-literally! Using whey alcohol derived from locally produced milk as a base spirit, combined with pure well water  and 18 botanicals, this award-winning Irish gin is beautifully smooth and textured,  with lovely curry  spice notes on the palate. 
How to use
We are so happy with the complexity and smoothness of Bertha,that we really enjoy savouring her character by simply addingwater, and sipping her as a digestif.She works very well with a good quality Indian tonic water, whereher complexity lends itself to simple garnishes of grapefruit ororange zest.One of the great tests of a gin is how it performs in a martini.Bertha, shaken with ice and a suggestion of vermouth, pouredinto a chilled glass with a simple zest garnish delivers a gloriously smooth and precise cocktail experience.
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